Special Assets Administration

The idea that what works for one client won’t necessarily work for another is true.

Special Asset Administration Services Overview

Unique Services for Unique Assets

Argent often works with institutions, governmental bodies, and foundations who have special or unique assets as part of their portfolios.

Notably, we have developed unique expertise in the areas of Oil & Gas Management and Timberland Management.

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Why Choose Argent

Argent is deeply committed to serving our clients’ best interests.

Often we meet clients with unique needs and are challenged to delve further into new areas of service to meet those needs.

We believe our independence and agility are critical aspects of how we do business and allow our advisors to be flexible and creative in meeting client needs.

More About Our Special Asset Administration Services

Below are three areas in which we have developed qualified teams of professionals to meet the unique needs of our clients. If you have special asset needs beyond those listed below, we encourage you to contact us to discuss how we may serve you and meet those needs.

Oil & Gas Management

institutional clients find that they lack the time and experience to effectively manage mineral interests. The revenue that comes from these natural resources can be quite significant and require an experienced professional dedicated to monitoring production and activity.

Our oil and gas management group, Argent Mineral Management, is uniquely qualified to help property and mineral owners maximize the wealth their land can produce while protecting the value of the land itself. We do this by providing management, accounting, and advisory services for clients with oil, gas, and mineral holdings throughout the U.S. Argent actively manages interests for many institutional clients, including school boards, hospitals, universities, non-profits, foundations, and publicly traded companies.

Read more about those services on our Oil & Gas Management services.

Timberland Management

Argent’s timberland management staff has specialized experience working with large institutions and governmental bodies and focuses on locating and acquiring timberland assets to meet investors’ needs for returns and growth. Additionally, with the support of third-party property management consultants, Argent’s on-ground forestry services include inventories, valuations, timber sales, silviculture, and ultimately disposition, as well as property accounting and reporting.

Argent’s timberland team has acquired, managed and liquidated timberland investments in the United States, South America, Africa and Europe since 1987.

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