Governmental Services

Our administrative and investment expertise can help protect your organization and support its growth.

Governmental Services Overview

A Wealth of Resources for Public Institutions

Managing complex public finances requires a level of expertise that most local governments and public bodies simply do not have on staff.

As part of your corporate trust team—which may include attorneys, CPAs or other advisors—Argent can provide the necessary administrative and investment expertise to help protect your organization and support its growth.

Argent Advisors, Inc. is a Registered Municipal Advisor that can assist governments in all their financial needs, from debt issuance to retirement planning.

Why Choose Argent

Argent has proudly served institutions, private and government pension funds, hospitals, endowments and foundations for over 30 years.

With our experienced advisors backed by a wealth of resources, we are able to offer the extensive suite of institutional services listed below.

Services for Governments and Public Bodies

Corporate Trust Services

Indentured Trustee
Paying Agent & Registrar
Defeasance Escrow Agent
QSCB Administration
OPEB Trust Administration
403(b) and 457 Plan Consulting and Advice
Comprehensive GASB 75 Solutions


Investment Management

State Law Compliance
Bond Proceeds and Surplus Funds
Integrating Custody, Performance and Reporting


Managing Special Assets

We also offer services for the administration and management of unique assets, such as Oil and Gas Mineral Management and Timberland Management.

Our oil and gas management services—which include mineral inventorying, lease consulting, and royalty administration and reporting—are available through our sister company, Argent Mineral Management. Read more about those services on our Oil and Gas Management services page.

Our timberland management team works with large institutions and governmental bodies focusing on locating and acquiring timberland assets to meet needs for returns and growth.


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Corporate Trusts

Administrative and investment expertise to help protect your business and support its growth.

Custody & Escrow Services

A range of custody services with the scale and quality sophisticated institutional clients expect.

Investment Management

A comprehensive scope of investment services that are designed to optimize the performance of your financial assets, based on your unique needs and strategy.

Philanthropic Services

A full range of philanthropic services for all sizes of nonprofits and private foundations, including an Outsourced Chief Investment Officer (OCIO) solution.

Special Assets Administration

Unique services in the areas of Oil & Gas Management and Timberland Management.

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