Governmental Services

Argent provides municipal advisory, investment management and pension consulting services to governmental bodies across the southern United States. From a foundation of fiduciary-based asset management, we seek to serve our clients with a high level of care and performance.

Municipal Advisory Services

We are a Registered Municipal Advisor with the Securities and Exchange Commission and the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board. As a Municipal Advisor, we serve as the “quarterback” for projects financed by public entities.

We assist governmental bodies—including states, counties/parishes, cities, utilities and school boards—with the structure of their public debt offerings, reviewing debt repayment sources and analyzing debt market structures.

Our investment advice on bond proceeds is conservative and liability-driven to match payment obligations. Our goal is to maximize the return on bond proceeds, within the regulatory, credit and term risk and investment policies governing the issuing entity.

Investment Management Services

We are frequently asked to serve our clients in additional capacities, which complement our Municipal Advisory services and provide continuity in the delivery of fiduciary services, financial and regulatory reporting. Our investment management services include:

  • • Custodian – Safekeeping of and reporting on the proceeds of the bond issuance
  • • Indenture Bond Trustee – As fiduciary, enforcing the terms of a bond indenture
  • • Paying Agent – Transmitting payments of interest and principal from an issuer of municipal securities to the bondholders
  • • Transfer Agent – Performing the transfer function for an issue of registered municipal securities; maintaining the official records of ownership of the holders of the bonds
  • • Asset Manager of Bond Proceeds – Maximizing the return on the bond proceeds, within the regulatory, credit & term risk and investment policies governing the specific issuing entity

Pension Consulting Services

Combining our expertise in retirement plan consulting with fiduciary asset management, we also provide comprehensive GASB 75 solutions for 401(b), 403(b) and Other Pension Employee Benefits (OPEB).

Our OPEB Trust solution is a GASB-compliant (IRS Public letter ruling pending), multi-employer solution that will effectively and safely lower your OPEB liability. The multi-employer structure lowers initial and ongoing costs through economies of scale. Prefunding into a qualified trust Program is considered “best practice” by the Government Finance Officers Association and is a powerful way to quickly and easily get a hold of your OPEB obligations, lower risk, increase value and maximize the earning potential.

To learn more about our services and schedule a time to visit with an Argent professional, please contact Lucius McGehee.

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