Oil & Gas Management

As an unparalleled service provider, Argent’s expertise and comprehensive range of oil and gas management services are second to none.

Oil & Gas Management Services Overview

Maximizing Mineral Wealth

When oil and gas resources are present on a property, the land/mineral owner has a range of opportunities to generate wealth from exploration and development activities.

While others are available to assist with certain aspects of mineral management, few can provide Argent’s expertise and comprehensive range of oil and gas services, including contract negotiation, oil & gas accounting, asset evaluation and ongoing management.

Keep reading below to learn more about how we help maximize landowners’ mineral wealth.

Why Choose Argent

With Argent as an ally, our clients receive the benefit of a personal relationship with a local advisory team with decades of oil and gas management experience, as well as experience in accounting, forestry, banking and trusts.

We offer clients the experience, information network and negotiation leverage that comes with managing over 3 million acres of mineral interests across 30 states.

Our clients have also benefited from the technological edge of our state-of-the-art, proprietary well production monitoring and accounting system that has supported the recovery of over $30 million in revenue for our clients to date.

Argent’s Oil & Gas Management Services

Contract Negotiation

A lease is the most important document for a property owner in the entire mineral exploration and production process. It is the contract that determines activity and revenue for the life of the well. If specific needs and terms are not addressed in the lease, an individual or company could be at a disadvantage for as long as the well is in production.

Aside from the lease, there are other contractual agreements that landowners enter into that can affect their property. Argent combines a proactive management style with experience, research, and technology to provide contract negotiation services that are second to none. Each contract is tailored to meet the specific needs of the client, protect specific aspects of each property and secure the most profitable terms for the collection of royalties.

Oil and Gas Accounting

Argent uses a proprietary, state-of-the-art accounting and audit system that verifies interest decimals and conducts monthly payor audits to ensure timely and accurate payment. We also provide specialized 1099 verification and summary reports that greatly simplify tax reporting and preparation.

Companies that distribute revenue to royalty owners issue division orders prior to payment. Division orders can be confusing. Argent analyzes and verifies all division orders to ensure accurate payment for our clients. To date, we have recovered over $25 million in revenue for our clients.

Asset Evaluation

Knowing what one owns is essential to managing property well. Property owners often have some understanding of the surface that is owned, but many times do not have a complete, updated or accurate listing of mineral interest ownership. Many times landowners have a claim to mineral interests for which they are not being credited. If these mineral interests are located in a producing unit, the results could be costly. 

In addition to developing mineral inventories, Argent routinely generates customized maps of client properties that detail well locations, units, open and leased acreage (including depths), operators, well serial numbers, etc. and actively monitors lease schedules to track acreage that might be available to lease. 

Ongoing Management

Managing mineral assets can be complicated. Making the best decisions involves understanding the constantly changing property market, evaluating oil and gas industry trends, managing documents and productivity reports, and adjusting quickly to new market conditions —all of which is time-consuming. And since agreements executed without professional expertise and assistance often place the landowner at a disadvantage, opportunities and profits may be lost. 

Who We Serve

Our expertise and resources allow Argent to customize mineral leasing and management programs to fit individual needs. Argent clients generally fall into one of four categories: 

1Landowners who have inherited a significant amount of land or mineral interests, but have neither the time, interest nor experience to manage these assets

2Landowners who have managed their land and minerals on their own for many years, but who are now looking for qualified experts to manage those assets for the benefit of their children and to ensure the security and productivity of the land in the future

3Landowners who have little, if any, experience with oil and gas production, but who have recently been approached by an exploration company and are unsure what steps to take next

4Managers responsible for the oil and gas assets of large companies, charities, banks or other organizations, and who have financial or accounting credentials, but lack the time and expertise to properly safeguard their clients’ interests and need professional assistance

For more details on our Oil & Gas Mineral Management Services, contact David Smith, Business Development Officer, at (318) 251-5854.

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