Wealth Management

Our mission is to help our clients preserve and enhance their family’s financial, human, intellectual, spiritual and social capital so that their families may be enriched for generations to come.

Wealth Management Services Overview

Helping Families Flourish From One Generation to the Next

The wealth management and planning needs of high net worth and ultra high net worth individuals and families are as unique and nuanced as the individuals and families themselves.

With an all-encompassing menu of solutions available, Argent’s expert advisors are available to assist in or even assume the day-to-day administration and management of your family’s financial affairs, consult on the preservation of family vision and preparation of heirs and carry out your philanthropic goals.

Why Choose Argent

Argent’s experienced wealth managers take the time to get to know the source of your wealth and how you’ve operated to get to where you are today.

We believe that once we get to know your family’s unique circumstances, it will in turn influence the wealth management strategy and solutions that we implement with you.

Our philosophy is to craft a long-term plan of action that is designed to help you to reach your family’s goals by preserving and then growing the assets you have today. 

Services for high net worth and ultra high net worth individuals and families:

Financial Planning

The foundation of any successful wealth management plan is a customized, flexible and actionable financial plan.

Argent offers financial planning through trained and experienced CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals and addresses the areas of Investment, Tax, Retirement, Estate and Insurance planning.

The process to create a financial plan is thoughtful and thorough, beginning first with determining where you are today, then looking at where you want to be, and then creating a path linking the two. A financial plan must also be flexible, with the ability to adapt to new life events or seasons of life. Argent’s Relationship Managers will also assist with implementing a financial plan practically in all legal and financial matters as well as regularly reviewing and updating the plan as need arises.

Argent provides strategic planning, administration and monitoring for the financial, legal, tax and accounting functions of high net worth families and family offices of all sizes.

Advisory and Administration Services

From planning to day-to-day administration, we can meet whatever level of service you desire.

Strategic Planning and Monitoring — Investment policy and asset allocation, investment managers and vehicle selection, insurance selection and monitoring, retirement planning 

Client Information Management — Consolidated net worth statements, cash flow analysis, investment performance reports, recordkeeping for personal property

Wealth Transfer Planning — Development of objectives, multi-generational snapshot of existing strategies, legal and tax strategies, action plan to implement changes

Trust and Investment Education Services — Investment and beneficiary education, advice on distributive duties, beneficiary education and monitoring

Lifestyle Enhancements — Personal bill paying, domestic hiring and monitoring, tax compliance monitoring, cash flow management and forecasting and private travel management

Family Wealth Consulting

In addition to administration, we offer additional services to support the transfer of family wealth and values across generations. Through a process called dynamic preservation of wealth, Argent assists in family governance, education, and participation to ensure that each rising generation receives age-appropriate information about family wealth, spending and preservation. 


Philanthropic giving can be a useful tool in uniting a family around its core values and vision. It can also be used to teach the rising generation about investment management and sound tax strategies. Argent offers various services aimed at supporting multi-generational objectives, personal giving programs and charitable giving education. 

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Additional Services That May Interest You:

Trusts & Estate Planning

A broad spectrum of Trust strategies available to provide long-term financial stability and growth for your financial legacy.

Investment Management

A comprehensive scope of investment services that are designed to optimize the performance of your financial assets, based on your unique needs and strategy.

Special Needs Trusts

An SNT ensures individuals with disabilities can receive an inheritance or settlement proceeds without disrupting eligibility for needs-based benefits.

 Oil & Gas Management

All-encompassing oil and gas mineral management services, including contract negotiation, oil & gas accounting, asset evaluation, and ongoing management.

Special Asset Services

Unique services in the areas of 1031 Like-Kind Exchanges, Farm & Ranch Management and Oil & Gas Management.

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