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Our mission is to help our clients preserve and enhance their family’s financial, human, intellectual and social capital so that their families may be enriched for generations to come.

Argent's Wealth Management Services Overview

Helping Families Flourish From One Generation to the Next

The wealth management and planning needs of high net worth families are as unique and nuanced as are the families themselves.

Argent’s expert advisors can assist with a variety of needs, from preserving wealth through judicious tax and risk management to planning for the transfer of wealth to carrying out philanthropic goals to consulting on the preservation of family vision and preparation of heirs.

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Why Choose Argent

Our experienced wealth managers build deep personal relationships with clients to ensure we understand the complete picture of a family’s wealth and goals. Knowing that every client is unique, we strive to serve each according to what is in their very best, personal interest.

Furthermore, Argent’s highly skilled professionals—attorneys, CPAs, CFPs, wealth managers, trust officers and others—serve clients with a team approach allowing us to craft and administer customized, multifaceted solutions to ensure a family’s wealth management and preservation goals are maintained for generations to come.

Wealth management services for high net worth individuals and families:

Managing Taxes and Risk

Beyond helping you grow your wealth through our investment management services, our goal is to help protect it through judicious tax and risk management. Our experienced family wealth services team, led by Dut LeBlanc, can conduct a thorough review to reveal your risk exposure, determining whether you’re making the most of tax opportunities and insurance strategies. Being a Tennessee domiciled trust company, we have access to the nation’s most advantageous trust legislation in the nation regardless of your state residency. These strategies could include Family Limited Partnerships, Spousal Lifetime Access Trusts, Tennessee Income Non-Grantor Trusts and beyond.

Planning for Wealth Transfer

Often when we ask our clients what their greatest priority is, the vast majority answer “passing down as much of our wealth to our children as possible.” We can help you put the necessary arrangements in place to transfer your wealth according to your wishes, at appropriate times in your beneficiaries’ lives, and in the most effective and tax-efficient way possible. We lean on best practices with a strong focus on your family’s unique set of circumstances, values and goals to craft the best wealth transfer plan for you. We help facilitate communication among family members about the plan and provide the expertise necessary for ongoing management of assets by working as an integrated team with your CPA, your attorney, and your other trusted advisors.

Planning for Charitable Giving

With significant experience in establishing donor-advised funds (DAF) and private foundations, our philanthropic associates can help your family define and pursue charitable goals with a strategy that best compliments your wholistic financial plan. We can help evaluate, plan and coordinate your charitable giving, whether through direct, DAF or private foundation channels. For private family foundations, we can provide operational support, full trustee services, issuance of annual distributions and gift notices and coordination with recipients for tax return preparation and filings.

Preparing the Next Generation

Some families have multiple generations involved in their financial affairs and need more specialized assistance. Our family governance team, led by Mark Hartnett, can help prepare your younger family members through establishing a system for family governance, facilitating family meetings and developing a customized education program for beneficiaries to help preserve your family’s unique story and vision.


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