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At Argent, we bring an unbiased approach to protecting, managing and growing your wealth. With a wide array of fiduciary-based services and resources, our advisors are ready to sit down for a conversation to see how they can help you reach your goals.


Providing for the long-term financial needs of your family or organization means paying careful attention to your investments now and creating an investment management plan that survives you. At Argent Trust, we work with you to design and administer a plan to take care of your interests for many years to come.

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Investment Management

Argent provides a broad range of investment advisory services to guide you in decisions related to estate planning, wealth management, retirement and more.

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Oil & Gas

If oil and gas resources are present on a property, the land/mineral owner has a range of opportunities to generate wealth from exploration and development activities. While others are available to assist you with certain aspects of mineral (oil and gas) management, few can provide Argent’s expertise and comprehensive range of oil and gas services.

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Timberland Management

Timberland can provide investors with competitive returns and capital preservation in a sustainable real asset. Argent Timberland Group is an investment management firm which assists clients in achieving this goal.

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Retirement Plan Advisors

Argent’s retirement plan advisors group specializes in providing fiduciary and investment advisory services to employer sponsored qualified and non-qualified retirement plans. Our clients range from large publicly traded companies to multi-generationally owned family businesses to non-profits to municipalities.

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Institutional Services

Argent proudly offers businesses, institutions, governmental bodies, endowments and foundations with corporate trust, investment management, municipal advisory, OCIO, oil and gas (mineral) management and retirement plan advisory services.

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Family Office

With Argent’s wide array of financial services, our expert advisors are committed to serving specific needs of single and multi-family offices. We offer services such as trust administration, mineral and property management, investment management and custody services.

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Our dedicated ESOP team at Argent has over 100 years of combined experience. We have an unparalleled knowledge of corporate governance, deal structures, ESOP design, fiduciary issues, finance, law, and valuation. A dedicated trustee presence is found in the several different ESOP services.

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Argent has deep roots throughout the South—which we trace back to 1930—and a legacy of corporate growth driven by the desire to provide our clients with exceptional service.  Today, in our 31 markets located across 12 southern states, Argent employs 300 professionals with responsibility for more than $27 billion in client assets and 3 million mineral acres.  We continue to be a company that is privately owned by our staff, clients, and avid supporters, all committed to serving our clients excellently, just as we began.



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