Custody & Escrow Services

Clients rely on us to be a trusted partner to safeguard and service assets around the world.

Institutional Custody Services Overview

Servicing Assets Around the World

Argent offers a comprehensive range of custody services with the scale and quality sophisticated institutional clients expect. Clients rely on us to be a trusted partner to safeguard and service assets around the world.

We specialize in working with large and complex pools of assets in the area of securities processing and handling through experienced management and staff, comprehensive operational capabilities, internal control procedures and professional client service.

Why Choose Argent

Argent’s institutional services team has over 30 years of experience serving public funds, unions/Taft Hartley, financial institutions and advisors, investment managers, corporations, healthcare providers, insurance companies, governments, municipalities, non-profits and family offices.

Custody Services

Adhoc Reporting/customized reporting
Asset Custody / Safekeeping
Benefit Payment Services
Capital Change Notifications
Cash Management
Daily Valuation
Governmental Reporting
Multiple Statement Reporting
Performance Reporting
Schedule “D” Reporting
Securities Lending
Settlement administration
Sweep Cash
Tax Reporting/support
Third-Party Interfacing
Trade Clearance

Escrow Services

Earn-Out Provision Payments
Environmental Agreements
Litigation Settlement
Mergers & Acquisitions
Private Placement Offerings
Public/Private Partnership Agreements
Subscription Agreements

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