Investment Management

Argent provides a broad range of investment management services designed to optimize the performance of your financial assets, based on your unique needs and investment goals. We serve clients in the private, corporate and public sectors.

Our experienced investment managers take the time to get to know the source of your wealth and how you’ve arrived at where you are today. We believe that once we get to know your unique circumstances, it will in turn influence the investment strategy that we recommend for you. Not only do we believe that our approach is key to transparency and earning your trust, it also keeps us agile. We strive to achieve a superior level of flexibility and innovation in our services.

As an independent, fee-based investment manager, we do not sell proprietary products.  We only sell our professional advice and management. It’s how we stay unbiased when it comes to managing, protecting and growing your wealth.

Some of the services we offer are Equity Investment Management, Taxable and Non-taxable Bond Management, Cash & Short-Term Bond Management, Mutual Fund and ETF Asset Allocation Strategies, and Alternative Investment Strategies.

Portfolio Management

Argent’s portfolio managers specialize in managing either equity, fixed income or 401k ETF model portfolios.  Each client’s account is individually managed and structured to accommodate the client’s investment objective, income requirements and risk tolerance.

We believe discipline, consistency and patience should prevail in portfolio management.  The investment process is a complex one. We believe that by adhering to our methodology and by encouraging a team approach to idea generation, we can accomplish our goal of providing clients with consistent returns.  Our cohesive investment team averages more than 24 years of business industry experience.

Our Investment Philosophy

Argent believes that successful investment management must be based upon a foundation of diversification, a disciplined focus on valuation and expected returns, a thorough understanding of our clients’ needs and circumstances, avoidance of unnecessary fees and expenses, and careful management of taxes.

Diversification – Diversification is a time-honored concept. As important as ever, it is also becoming more difficult to achieve as correlations among sectors and between equity and fixed income securities continue to increase. Diversification is the tactic we use to protect investment portfolios against negative outcomes, but it also helps improve our clients’ chances of participating in wealth-creating opportunities

Discipline – While we adhere to the discipline of allocating investments into asset classes with the most attractive valuations, we also know that protecting wealth requires a careful avoidance of concentrations and the spreading of risk. We are willing to make opportunistic investment decisions in times of stress and are willing to reduce or exit positions in times of euphoria.

Valuation – We focus on a thorough understanding of valuation. Starting valuation is the key determinant of long-term performance of an investment, and we make investment decisions accordingly.

Client needs and circumstances – While certain portfolio management tools and strategies are broadly applicable, each client may have a unique set of circumstances, and we will develop custom portfolios and strategies to meet those needs.

Fees, expenses, and taxes – We focus on avoiding unnecessary costs when managing investment portfolios. We work to identify and utilize quality active strategies when they can add value, but we may also utilize low-cost and efficient passive strategies where they make sense. For taxable accounts, we maintain a constant awareness of the tax implications of portfolio decisions.



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