Washington Professional Deathcare Trusts

Professional Deathcare Trusts That Put the Power in Your Hands.

In today’s growing digital landscape, deathcare firms must have a strategy for serving their communities virtually to maintain a robust preneed program and investment portfolio

One opportunity to enhance sales and service is by participating in an Argent Professional Deathcare Trust, which allows firms to benefit from diversification of risk and economies of scale that help lower costs, improve transparency and drive performance in a volatile environment.

The Washington Professional Deathcare Trusts, sponsored by Argent Trust Company, provide a more efficient, cost-effective and modern solution to your preneed or perpetual care program. For funeral homes or cemeteries of any size, our Professional Trusts level the playing field, enabling smaller firms to experience a more comprehensive and diversified investment strategy, similar to what large organizations enjoy.


Key Benefits of Our Preneed Professional Trust Include:

1| Access to deathcare-specific technology, which enables firms to:
Create and process preneed contracts online
Sell preneed contracts on their website
Sign contracts digitally
Offer a variety of payment options to consumers

2| Online, 24/7 access to your trust accounts and preneed contracts, including its:
Total contract and trust account market value
Transaction history
Contract status down to the line item
Upcoming regulatory deadlines
and more

3| Superior trust and investment management that features:
Dedicated team with a proven track record of successfully creating customized portfolios that meet each client’s needs
Competitive fees and transparent pricing on all services

4| All the administrative tools needed to ensure your success, including:
Pre-approved state trust documents
State and FTC compliant preneed contracts and forms
Complete administration, recordkeeping and investment services

5| Assistance during regulatory audits or inspections


Argent is proud to partner with Funeral Services, Inc., the nation’s leading deathcare trust administrator and recordkeeper, to empower participants with a wealth of digital tools to serve families who are uncomfortable visiting a facility.


Whitepaper – This document explains each of the professional roles that contribute to a modern-day trust program and includes a checklist to help you evaluate your trust program.

Click to View: Building a Modern, High-Powered Trust Program

On-Demand Webinar – The following recorded webinar with representatives from Argent and FSI goes in-depth into the Washington Professional Deathcare Trusts.


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