Meiko Whitfield

Vice-President of Client Services-FSI

Huntingdon College B.S. (Marketing)

In her 33 years with FSI, Meiko Whitfield has seen the firm expand to several states across the country and serve clients with more advanced technology. She enjoys meeting and building relationships with clients as well as helping them achieve their preneed and perpetual care goals.

Meiko joined FSI in October 1989 as a fiscal assistant in the Preneed Services Department. In fact, Meiko has spent her entire professional career with FSI, starting with the firm after earning a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Huntingdon College in Montgomery, Alabama.

Since then, she’s grown to serve as the Vice President of Client Services, managing the Client Services Department and assisting clients with preneed training and existing trust conversions. Meiko also works with management and systems development to keep FSI services and computer programs technologically updated and in compliance with changing state laws.

Outside of FSI, Meiko served as the first female member of the City Council in Bristol, Florida from December 2006 – December 2010. She has also served as a member of several local organizations and committees such as the Liberty County Arts Council, Apalachee Regional Planning Council, Veterans Memorial Railroad and the Cemetery Committee at Lake Mystic Baptist Church.

Tallahassee – FSI

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1700 Summit Lake Dr #100, Tallahassee, FL 32317

Provided Services

Funeral & Cemetery Trusts

Funeral & Cemetery Trusts

Argent’s dedicated funeral and cemetery trust group serves the deathcare industry across the United States with preneed, perpetual care, and merchandise trusts, as well as investment management.


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