My Day

Money Matters (April 2017)

By Chuck Dudley



  • •Woke up at 5:00
  • •Read the paper, took my vinegar and honey, checked overnight news.
  • •Walked 2 miles with the Grumpy Old Men group.
  • •Took a shower, ate breakfast.
  • •At work by 7:10. Checked emails, prepared for meetings, checked websites.
  • •Conference call at 10:00 about a client.
  • •Worked on cases.
  • •Lunch at 11:30…….checked out sports news, worked on a crossword puzzle.
  • •Back to office……….made calls……….worked on business trip planning for next week.
  • •2:30, took a walk outside to clear my head, officially .4 of a mile.
  • •4:15, visited a friend in a nursing home.
  • •Mowed yard and bagged the grass at 5:30.
  • •Had dinner with my wife, discussed the day’s events. Made plans for ‘Friday Night’ date night.
  • •Caught up on shows on the DVR. Texted my sons. Called to pester my brother.
  • •Went to bed around 9:45………..


It could be exactly the same, but it could also be very different.

Life changes………..

  • •The dreaded phone call.
  • •An EF3 tornado hits.
  • •A distracted driver gets into my lane.
  • •The doctor delivers an unwanted and troubling diagnosis.
  • •Government regulations change my job and it becomes to do what I do.
  • •I have a stroke.
  • •I have a massive heart attack.
  • •My world changes. More troubling, the world changes for my family.

Will they be able to cope? Will they be capable of moving on and prospering, instead of just surviving?

My life runs before my eyes. Have I done enough? Did I sacrifice pleasure for protection?


  1. First, be thankful for your blessings. Thank God for your blessings.
  2. Don’t waste time. Take stock of your finances.
  3. See where you are weak, see where you are strong.
  4. Enhance your strengths, improve upon your weaknesses.
  5. Procrastinate not. It is the road to failure and heartbreak.

Find a financial services professional to help you. If you are sick, you find a doctor. If you need legal help, you find a lawyer. Don’t get your financial help from the television hucksters, or that friend driving the new BMW……….or worse, your relatives!

The point of this newsletter is that today may be great, or routine. But tomorrow things can change in a heartbeat. Don’t get caught unprepared.

Don’t…………..get ………………………caught……………unprepared.


If you really want to make sure you have right ideas for moving forward in a positive manner, we will listen. We’ve been able to help families and businesses learn to use money wisely, and we’d like to help you too. We would be honored to visit with you about how to help you and your business. My number is 501-318-0010, or you can send me an email at

An hour of your time spent analyzing your situation might make a lifetime of difference

Arkansas Insurance Producer # 1005698

That’s all for this month! If you’ve enjoyed what you read, please share Money Matters with a friend, family member or loved one.


Chuck Dudley



Argent Financial Group

Argent Financial Group (Argent) is a leading, independent, fiduciary wealth management firm. Responsible for more than $30 billion in client assets, Argent provides individuals, families, businesses and institutions with a broad range of wealth management services, including trust and estate administration, investment management, ESOPs, retirement plan consulting, funeral and cemetery trusts, charitable organization administration, oil and gas (mineral) management and other unique financial services. Headquartered in Ruston, Louisiana, Argent was formed in 1990 and traces its roots back to 1930.

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