Market Update: June 25, 2018

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After last week’s volatile moves, the markets are again selling off today as escalating trade tensions come into greater focus. The S&P 500 has fallen 1.48% (41 points) and the Dow Jones has fallen 1.45% (355 points) so far in today’s trading. Uncertainty over trade restrictions as well as the impact of tightening by the Federal Reserve are the primary drivers.

However, it is important to keep this uncertainty in context. Tax relief, which is making its way into the economy should help to offset some of the impact of both trade tensions and tighter interest rate policy. Additionally, the Federal Reserve is taking their time with rate increases, since inflation remains at manageable levels and balance sheet reduction is occurring in the background; unlike previous cycles where more aggressive tightening was appropriate. Additionally, both trade policy and interest rate policy can change, as negotiations and meetings happen in the months ahead.

In all, while markets can be volatile, we believe these events stress the importance of a long‐term view and an appropriately allocated, diversified portfolio.


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