Are Your Dreams on Schedule to Become Reality?

Are Your Dreams on Schedule to Become Reality?

Money Matters, September 2017

By Chuck Dudley
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Recently, our pastor at First United Methodist Church, David Moseley, started a sermon series with the first sermon entitled “Joseph-A Born Dreamer.”

ARE YOUR DREAMS ON SCHEDULE TO BECOME REALITY?He was sort of an “advisor” to Pharaoh of Egypt, listening to what the king’s dreams were, and then attempting to interpret what they meant. Or what the “outcome” would be. Most times Joseph was spot on with his interpretations. Sometimes Pharaoh didn’t like what Joseph offered and he sent him to the dungeon. And then called him back again when he needed him, or when other “advisors” didn’t give him what he wanted.

So, maybe a stretch, but could Joseph have been the first financial advisor?!?

David’s sermon really hit home about our own dreams, and how we might turn them into reality in our own lives.

There are two types of dreams: 1) Night dreams where we have no control, and our subconscious mind is working in a way most of us don’t understand. And: 2) Daydreams……….this is where we tend to dream of things we want to be and wish we were. We probably have a little more control over the daydreams than the night dreams.


Again, I’m quoting from David:

Dreams can be scary; especially when it depicts a future radically different than the present reality. What will we have to give up in the here and now? What will we have to do differently in the there and then. Life has taught us that the path to a wondrous dream is often perilous. This fact often makes the present known more attractive than the future unknown, no matter how promising it might seem.

Our dreams are different in each of our decades.

In our 30s, we see the future in front of us. Starting a family……….vacations…….trips……a new home. It’s all exciting, and we couldn’t wait to see our dreams come true.

In our 40s, a little bit more of reality sets in. Our dreams change to those realities. Maybe a new job…. kids in school……..paying for college………..starting to think about retirement. The everyday drudgery of life.

Then we get to the 50s…………have we saved and invested enough……..did we have a financial plan and stick to it, or did we stray from the dream……….kids in college………..maybe grandkids……… debt………….not enough time that seemed plentiful in our 30s.

The 60s arrive way too fast………..retirement staring us squarely in the face………maybe our dreams of that retirement home have vanished……….aging parents need our care and attention, we surely didn’t dream of this………kids are getting married, maybe grandkids come along……….do we have enough retirement to actually retire, or must we work longer? Surely, that wasn’t part of the dream, was it?

Beyond the 60s are the concerns of health, and how to take care of ourselves and our loved ones. We may still dream. I’m not there yet so I can’t say. But I’m sure it’s healthy to have dreams of good things to come.


If you are a daydreamer, then there is only one way to make those dreams into reality.


You must act, you must plan, and you must be faithful to your process. Now.

It’s a marathon, not a sprint to making dreams come true.

I’m sure that Joseph didn’t have any idea he would become advisor to Pharaoh when he was brought up from the cistern and sold into slavery by his brothers.

He stayed faithful, endured the hardships along the way, sat at the side of a king, and ultimately was reunited with his family. Which he messed with a bit, but in the end forgave them. A happy ending to be sure. His plan probably was adjusted over the years, but he stayed true to the process.

We can, and should, do no less.

In the long run, we can turn our dreams into happy realities.

But we have to stay true to the process.

It’s what an advisor does. Take some time and read the story of Joseph again in this context. You may be glad you did.


If you really want to make sure you have right ideas for moving forward in a positive manner, we will listen. We’ve been able to help families and businesses learn to use money wisely, and we’d like to help you too. We would be honored to visit with you about how to help you and your business.

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