A Christmas Gift for You

  • December 1, 2016

Money Matters (November 2016)

By Chuck Dudley



A CHRISTMAS GIFT FOR YOUTom Hegna is an author, economist and retirement expert. He had a long career with New York Life.

Tom writes a newsletter that can be found at: TomHegna.com.

Recently, Tom wrote in his newsletter that: “Income, retirement happiness and longevity are all linked.”

What does that mean?


Tom, like most of us in the financial services sector, reads a lot. Here are some of the ideas he mentioned, and maybe it provides some insight to the idea that income, retirement happiness and longevity are all linked:

  1. Towers Watson: Annuities and Retirement Happiness
    1. “Among retirees with similar wealth and health characteristics, those with annuitized incomes are happiest.”
    2. “Annuities provide the biggest satisfaction boost to retirees with less wealth and those in poor health.”
  2. Freakonomics: How to Live Longer
    1. “People who buy annuities tend to live longer.”
    2. “That little extra incentive of the annuity payout that keeps people going.”
  3. FRC Whitepaper: Income Annuities Improve Portfolio Outcomes in Retirement
    1. “Income Annuities offer features others can’t – high cash flow, uncorrelated to market returns; retirement alpha in the form of mortality credits, which only life insurance companies can manufacture; longevity hedging and liquidity features.”
    2. “Far fewer investors holding these portfolios run out of money before they die, particularly at higher withdrawal rates. Just as importantly, when investors holding the income annuity-enhanced portfolios run out of assets, they don’t run out of income, as the income annuity keeps paying through the investor’s life time, thereby providing a longevity hedge.”

    And finally:

  4. Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility – An American Classic written in 1811!
    1. “If you observe, people always live forever when there is an annuity to be paid to them…The annuity is a very serious business; it comes over and over every year, and there is no getting rid of it.”


Proper planning does help relieve stress. Having a guaranteed stream of income provides comfort and a safe feeling. As mentioned before, PayChex and PlayChex.

There are many roads to get to retirement, but once there, comfort and security are paramount.

Take some time to go to the links above and learn for yourself. It will be time well spent.


If you really want to make sure you have right ideas for moving forward in a positive manner, we will listen. We’ve been able to help families and businesses learn to use money wisely, and we’d like to help you too. We would be honored to visit with you about how to help you and your business. My number is 501-318-0010, or you can send me an email at cdudley@argentfinancial.com.

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Chuck Dudley