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Argent Fiduciary Consulting Services, LLC

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In addition to providing support services to all Argent entities, we work with other federal and state chartered fiduciary institutions to achieve compliance with the regulations, requirements and best practices of the fiduciary services industry. From auditing and regulatory compliance to risk management, we provide a full array of services to our clients, including the capability to train your staff to achieve these results in house. Our staff has extensive expertise in trust and investment services.

Services Argent Fiduciary Provides

 Oil & Gas Management

All-encompassing oil and gas mineral management services, including contract negotiation, oil & gas accounting, asset evaluation, and ongoing management.

Governmental Services

Administrative and investment expertise serving governments and municipal bodies in managing complex public finances.

Wealth Management

A comprehensive approach designed to meet the unique needs of high net worth individuals and families, from complex financial planning to generational wealth transfer.

Investment Management

A comprehensive scope of investment services that are designed to optimize the performance of your financial assets, based on your unique needs and strategy.


Our Team

Paulette Bukauskas

Paulette Bukauskas

Internal Auditor

In 2012 Paulette joined Argent Fiduciary Consulting Group as an internal auditor for Argent Trust Company. She joined the predecessor of Argent Trust in 2001 as portfolio accountant and accounting manager. Prior to joining Argent, Paulette was a tax accountant,...

Robert W. Barrett

Robert W. Barrett

Managing Director, Audit

Robert oversees the audit programs for all Argent Financial Group subsidiaries. Robert also provides audit and compliance consulting services to third party banks and trust companies. Before joining Argent, Robert served for more than 18 years with the Comptroller of...

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