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Money Matters: How can I improve in 2016?

Start With Why Simon Sinek is a writer and speaker as many of you may know. His main mantra is to know your 'Why' before you try to understand the 'What'. Very simply, determine 'Why' you believe, before you get to the 'What'. Why do you get up in the morning? Is it...


The December Retirement Report from Heritage

Click on the image to read Heritage Trust's Retirement Report for December 2015! This issue covers: Millennials vs. Generation X’ers & Baby Boomers – How do Millennials stack up against Baby Boomers & Gen X’ers? Board of Directors’ Liabilities – Learn the...


Junk Bonds: A Primer (Investment Outlook November 2015)

The name does not inspire a lot of confidence.  More often than not, Wall Street prefers to call junk bonds "high yield bonds", emphasizing the positive result of their risk characteristics rather than the negatives of their risk of default.  Junk bonds are debt...


Safe Withdrawal Rate 2.0: A Terribly Complex Issue

The September and October issues of Financial Advisor magazine both contain articles about research on Safe Withdrawal Rates. Remember, the 'Safe Withdrawal Rate' is the amount you can take from your investments and retirement funds that will allow you to have a good...


Cost of Living Adjustments

We have compiled a Detailed Cost of Living Adjustments sheet published by the IRS every year. This list dates back further than most we have found. Cost of Living Adjustments


How does the “Average Investor” stack up?

Investment Insights by Mike Jones   Last week I received the 4th quarter edition of J. P. Morgan Asset Management's Guide to the Markets. The guide is most certainly a publication for the professional as it is page after page of data pertaining to the investor...


Money Matters: Satisfied Smiles

It goes without saying.............the future is the great unknown.  All of us have hopes and dreams of what our future will be.  Sometimes it works out, sometimes not. If you've read this newsletter for very long, you know how important it is to properly and...


Investment Outlook – August 25, 2015

MARKET COMMENTARY When markets are volatile and emotions are running high - uncertainty needs to be addressed. What do we know? The S&P 500 Index, as a proxy for the broader domestic equity markets, has officially entered correction territory, falling in excess of...


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