Qualified Intermediary Services

Argent brings expertise, insight and professionalism to the exchange process to provide every client with the highest quality service.

Qualified Intermediary Services Overview

Expertly Facilitating "Like-Kind" Exchanges

Section 1031 of the Internal Revenue Code provides a great opportunity to build wealth by deferring taxes. Owners of business and investment properties, through the use of a Qualified Intermediary (QI), can sell one property and purchase a similar or “like-kind” property while deferring capital gains taxes, sometimes called a tax-free exchange.

A like-kind exchange can involve any real estate in the U.S. For example, proceeds from the sale of an apartment complex could be used to purchase land.

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Why Choose Argent

Unlike many competitors who offer Qualified Intermediary services, Argent is a regulated financial institution whose core business is fiduciary wealth management. Argent is held to the highest of regulatory standards and maintains insurance, fidelity bond and adequate controls to ensure funds are held safely and securely.

Argent brings expertise, insight and professionalism to the exchange process to provide every client with the highest quality service. Our volume of repeat business is a testament to our excellent service while serving as Qualified Intermediary.

More About Our QI Services

As your QI, Argent will prepare the 1031 Exchange Agreement and related notices, provide examples of applicable language for inclusion in the real estate contracts, set up a unique account for each transaction and deliver monthly account statements and annual tax reporting statements.

Further, Argent holds funds in independent, segregated accounts for each exchange rather than pooling the proceeds of the sale of the relinquished property with other exchange transaction proceeds.

Not all QI’s are created equal. Any non-disqualified person or entity can operate as a QI. You should take care in choosing a QI with a quality reputation in the industry, experience and proven financial stability. Argent Trust Company possesses all of these characteristics and looks forward to serving you.


Forward Exchanges
Improvement / Build-to-Suit Exchanges
Reverse Exchanges

Where to Start

Involving Argent as your Qualified Intermediary is easy. Argent’s dedicated team of knowledgeable professionals will work in tandem with your team of tax and legal advisors to maximize the benefits of an exchange.

To begin, simply contact Jim Christman, Senior Vice President & Trust Officer, at (504) 291-8840.

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