Ducks and Dynasty

  • June 17, 2014

Argent has launched the first in a quarterly series of thought leadership papers designed to intrigue the reader and provoke thought & action. The first Thought Leadership Paper is called “Ducks and Dynasty” written by Lucius McGehee and Mike Sierra on the complexities of transitioning family land from generation to generation. We hope you enjoy this and future editions.  

For centuries throughout the southern United States, land ownership has been a point of pride, has represented success, and continues to be a goal for many. The purpose of this paper is to provide landowners (and aspiring landowners) with helpful tips and suggestions to consider when owning land with a focus on a land stewardship and legacy planning as told through Louisiana native (and Argent employee) Lucius McGehee and his family’s farm. The intention is to give a broad overview of some of the considerations that may need to be given at one point or another during a landowner’s lifetime. Please click here to continue reading.