Argent’s History

  • April 11, 2013

Argent Financial Group, Inc. was formed in 1990 as The Trust Company of Louisiana, a subsidiary of Heritage Financial Corporation and successor to Ruston State Bank’s Trust Department, formed in 1930.

In 1991, a management-led group of investors purchased The Trust Company of Louisiana from Heritage. In 2000, after a decade of growth and the addition of several wholly-owned subsidiaries providing an expanded range of financial services, Argent Financial Group, Inc., was formed as a holding company with no ownership change. Also in 2000, the original Louisiana state trust charter was converted into a national trust charter, establishing what is now Argent Trust Company, N.A..

Expanding further geographically, in 2009, Argent acquired a Tennessee state trust company, now known as Argent Trust Company. In 2011, Argent acquired Memphis-based Sector Capital Management, LLC, an SEC registered investment advisory firm.  In 2012, Argent merged Sector Capital with its own investment management team creating Argent Sector Capital Management.

During 2012, Argent negotiated four merger or acquisition transactions that when completed double the size of the firm.  The first of these, a merger with Highland Capital Management of Memphis, closed in late 2012.  In February 2013, Argent completed a transaction with The Trust Company, a Texas state trust company domiciled in San Antonio.  The Trust Company will operate as a separate subsidiary of Argent.

Building from its original management team and core staff, Argent Financial Group today employs more than 120 professionals with prior experience at banks, trust companies, brokerage firms, insurance agencies, investment management firms and other businesses.  Argent is privately owned, with management and staff comprising a large component of its stockholder base.

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