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Ladies, Let’s Talk About Financial Organization

(THIS ARTICLE IS THE FIRST OF TWO FOR WOMEN | WEALTH | WELLNESS) The older I get, the more I understand the value of being organized — not just in my personal calendar or “to do” list, but also in my financial life. It seems every year I hear of others who begin...


How Single Women Can Attain Financial Security By Themselves

A growing number of single women in the United States are childless by either choice, circumstances or challenges. This group, affectionately known as PANKs — “professional aunt, no kids,” an acronym coined by author Melanie Notkin — numbered roughly 23 million in...


The Two Things Every Woman Needs to Navigate Loss: Part 2

THIS IS THE SECOND ARTICLE IN A TWO-PART SERIES FOR WOMEN | WEALTH | WELLNESS Our first article discussed the importance of estate planning and ways to mitigate unnecessary financial stress and complications during an already difficult time. Whether it's the sudden...


Ladies, Invest in Yourself on Financial Awareness Day!

Let’s be honest: Women are on top of things. Whether a homemaker or a career professional, any woman you meet is likely busy juggling countless responsibilities. However, because she is so busy, she may not be able to slow down enough—or even know where to start—to...


The Two Things Every Woman Needs to Navigate Loss: Part 1

 THIS ARTICLE IS THE FIRST OF TWO FOR WOMEN | WEALTH | WELLNESS With the four-year mark looming, Cassie is thinking back on her husband’s tragic accident and funeral. “That whole week is a blur, but I remember a few things. “I remember thinking: This can’t be real....


Protecting Assets in Marriage and Divorce

As is true for most everything in life, the best defense is a good offense. No one wants to plan for divorce, and yet, the best way to protect your assets through a divorce is to begin preparing today. Whether you have been blessed with a large inheritance passed down...


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