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What Lies Beneath: Managing Mineral Wealth

Whatever one thinks about fossil fuels, mineral resources such as oil and natural gas are important sources of wealth for property owners who acquire it.   BY: Tom Burroughes, Group Editor  |  Family Wealth Report Originally published at on October...


Wealth Advisement Could Change Due to Coronavirus

Originally published on on April 1, 2020 BY: TIMOTHY BARRETT Trust Counsel, Argent Trust Company | (502) 569-7400 I’ve been working from home in recent days, since social distancing is a big part of my firm’s new policy to protect us and our clients from...


Should Families be Concerned About Inherited Wealth?

BY: DAVID RUSSELL, CFP®, CSA® Vice President & Trust Officer  |  (601) 707-0008 A recent article written by Joe Pinkster for the online magazine, The Atlantic, discusses the issue of inheritance, and specifically whether there exists a magic number that represents...


Smart & Heart Family Wealth Management

Originally published in the July 2019 issue of Legacy Arts BY: MARK HARTNETT, JD, CFP®, AEP® Managing Director, Argent Family Wealth Services | (662) 550-4443 Families face an uphill battle when passing down their wealth. One oft-cited study conducted by Roy Williams...


What Is Strategic Wealth Management and Why Do I Need It?

BY: HOWARD SAFER, CPA/PFS CEO, Argent Trust Company (615) 385.2790 | Strategic wealth management — not a phrase that rolls easily off the tongue, I know. To put it simply, strategic wealth management is the way we help clients reach their...


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