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The Morning View: February 3, 2023

Announced this morning, the economy added 517,000 jobs in January, much higher than expected and the previous month was revised higher. The Leisure and Hospitality industry was strong, adding 128,000 jobs, while the Motor Vehicle and Parts industry was relatively...


The Morning View: January 27, 2023

Announced this morning, Personal Income increased 0.2% in December, as expected, and is lower than the previous month. Meanwhile, Personal Spending decreased -0.2% in December, slightly more negative than expected and Real Personal Spending which accounts for...


Market Perspectives- January 2023

A New Year and a Crystal Ball •  The S&P closed 2022 with a loss of 18.1%, the worst year since 2008. Returns year-to-date , have however, provided some temporary investor relief. • Consumer inflation levels continue trending downward following December’s CPI 6.5%...


The Morning View: January 18, 2023

Announced this morning, Retail Sales for December decreased -1.1%, more negative than expected and a larger decline than the previous month. In the month, Department Stores, down -6.6%, Gasoline Stations, down -4.6%, and Nonstore Retailers, down -1.1%, were weak....


The Morning View: January 12, 2023

 In this morning’s data, the Consumer Price Index decreased -0.1% in December, as expected and lower than the previous month, and grew 7.1% on an annual basis. Monthly prices for Utility (piped) gas service, up 3.0%, were strong, while monthly prices for Fuel Oil,...


Market Update -January 2023

Summary of Key Points: One of the worst years on record has drawn to a close. Both equity and bond markets ended the year the way it started December’s performance less than reassuring as bond yields were rising again A slower economy next year is all but certain, a...


Fixed Income Update

4th Quarter 2022 Fixed Income Review • Although most fixed income sectors had negative performance for the year, select sectors had positive performance in Q4 • The Fed raised rates seven times in 2022, pushing its benchmark from a range of 0% to 0.25% early in the...


The Morning View: January 6, 2023

Announced this morning, the economy added 223,000 jobs in December, more than expected. The Health Care and Social Assistance industry was relatively strong, while Temporary Help remains weak. The Unemployment Rate fell to 3.5% and the Labor Force Participation Rate...


Investment Outlook

A Two-Faced God The month of January takes its name from the ancient Roman god Janus, the god of gates, transitions and beginnings.  He was normally depicted as having two faces, one looking forward and one looking backward, an appropriate image for a month in which...


The Morning View: December 20, 2022

 Announced this morning, Housing Starts were higher than expected at 1,427,000 in November, which is a -0.5% decrease from the revised figure from the previous month. Building Permits were much lower than expected at 1,342,000 in November and a decrease of -11.2%...


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