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Fixed Income Update – Second Quarter 2022

2nd Quarter 2022 Fixed Income Review • Q2 fixed income markets experienced significant negative performance as fixed income assets fell in price and yields rose • The Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) has now hiked its overnight funds target rate range 150bp over...


Investment Outlook-Third Quarter 2022

Two Bears in Two Years? On January 3rd of this year, the S&P 500 reached an all-time high and began a decline that on June 13th passed a critical threshold — down 20% from a recent high — and became the twenty-second bear market since 1929.  The previous bear...


How to Live a Generous Life

Over the past 24 years I’ve worked in the legal, financial services and nonprofit sectors. In that time, I’ve seen incredible examples of generosity, and often from very unexpected sources. But proof of the incredible generosity of Americans isn’t just limited to the...


Generations-Heritage Trust 24th Anniversary

“Life affords no greater responsibility, no greater privilege, than the raising of the next generation” – C. Everett Koop Since May of 2017, our team at Heritage has been honored to share a building with the most sacred place in Oklahoma City – the Oklahoma City...


Market Update – June 2022

A Month At A Glance • Both equities and fixed income were positive (barely) in May—the first time since last summer • US core bonds gained 0.6% in May, notching their first positive month this year • A weaker dollar helped foreign equities outpace US stocks by a...


Market Perspectives – June 2022

Bridging Troubled Markets • Weighing the impact of monetary policy tightening efforts and its impact on market emotions • Discussion of the primary dislocations in the market economy and their impact on inflation • Gauging the strength of the continuing post-COVID...


32 years . . . 7 big lessons

This month we celebrate Argent’s 32nd anniversary as a company. What an adventure! Hard to believe we came into existence before Amazon, Netflix, or Google. When we started in 1990, gas was 76 cents a gallon and iPhones were still 17 years in the future! Typically, on...


Market Update – May 2022

A Month At A Glance • Both equities and fixed income posted large losses for the month • US core bonds fell 2.0% in April, posting their fifth consecutive month of losses • The US dollar surged 4.7% last month and has now appreciated 7.7% this year • Despite the...


Market Perspectives – April 2022

Recessions, Yield Spreads, and Markets • Discussion of the growing inflationary concerns and potential impact if these trends lead the global market recession • Review of the labor markets, housing industry and household wealth data and its role in supporting forward...


Market Update – April 2022

In Opening A lot has happened since our year-end investment commentary. In this letter, we will highlight the key developments as they relate to the global economy and financial markets. The biggest macro event is Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine. As is our job,...


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