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Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax Basics

If your estate is big enough, you should know how generation-skipping transfer taxes work, and how to avoid paying more than you must. Originally published on October 22, 2021   If you have ever sought the advice of an estate planning professional,...


Trust: What We Learned in Our 31st Year

This year marks the 31st anniversary of Argent Financial Group. It is also the first year of our post-pandemic existence – which I believe is more important. The first 30 years taught us how to build and run a client-centered organization that empowers talented...


The 30-Year Lesson

Any company that has been around for 30 years will have learned a few lessons along the way about what it takes to be successful. And if it is not just surviving after three decades, but thriving, as Argent is, then it should have accumulated a host of lessons....


Building a 30-Year-Company, One Relationship at a Time

BY: KYLE McDONALD Chief Executive Officer Soon after Argent entered its 30th year just a few months ago, the Coronavirus Pandemic hit this nation. Our reaction to this catastrophe, I believe, offers a window into why this company has succeeded for 30 years – and is...


Humble Confidence

BY: Kyle McDonald, Chief Executive Officer posted March 19, 2018 About five years ago, I figured out what sets our company apart. It was November 2013 and I was reading a blog post by TV sportscaster Samantha Ponder in which she talked about growing up, and what has...


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