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Monthly Investment Commentary

September 2020 BY: FRANK HOSSE Director of Investments – Argent Trust Company  |  615.385.2720 Investor optimism continued its rise in August amid mounting hopes for a COVID-19 vaccine and data reaffirming solid global growth. The S&P 500 reached an all-time high...


Investment Outlook – July 2020

Unprecedented BY: JIM McELROY, CFA   Jim McElroy It may be somewhat of an exaggeration to say that the last three months have been unprecedented, but we’re going to stick with that modifier. It’s true that here have been “plagues” in our lifetime that have...


Building a 30-Year-Company, One Relationship at a Time

BY: KYLE McDONALD Chief Executive Officer Soon after Argent entered its 30th year just a few months ago, the Coronavirus Pandemic hit this nation. Our reaction to this catastrophe, I believe, offers a window into why this company has succeeded for 30 years – and is...


Humble Confidence

BY: Kyle McDonald, Chief Executive Officer posted March 19, 2018 About five years ago, I figured out what sets our company apart. It was November 2013 and I was reading a blog post by TV sportscaster Samantha Ponder in which she talked about growing up, and what has...


What Every Investor Needs to Know About the Fiduciary Standard

There’s a lot of jargon in the financial service industry. And much of it probably flies right over the heads of most investors. But if there’s one word that every investor should know and understand, it’s “fiduciary.” The fiduciary standard is a set of regulations...


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