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Market Perspectives- January 2023

A New Year and a Crystal Ball •  The S&P closed 2022 with a loss of 18.1%, the worst year since 2008. Returns year-to-date , have however, provided some temporary investor relief. • Consumer inflation levels continue trending downward following December’s CPI 6.5%...


Fixed Income Update

4th Quarter 2022 Fixed Income Review • Although most fixed income sectors had negative performance for the year, select sectors had positive performance in Q4 • The Fed raised rates seven times in 2022, pushing its benchmark from a range of 0% to 0.25% early in the...


Market Perspectives- December 2022

The Inflation Trail •  Consumer inflation levels are trending downward, as evidenced by November’s CPI 7.1% annualized inflation report. • Job markets remain healthy, with unemployment levels of 3.7%. • Shoppers were out in force around Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday,...


Market Perspectives 2022

Inflation Conundrum • Inflation remains persistent, although much can be attributed to the post-pandemic recovery and Ukraine war (energy, food and housing prices). • Today’s strong dollar has provided an advantage for consumers. Because of the dollar’s stronger...


A Healthy Work-Life Balance

Over the years, people have often asked me about the high-value Argent places on a healthy work-life balance. It’s no secret that we believe in working diligently for our clients. And yet, we also stress the idea that a meaningful life transcends what we do at the...


Fixed Income Update – Third Quarter 2022

3rd Quarter 2022 Fixed Income Review • Q3 fixed income markets experienced continued negative performance as inflation and labor market data proved stubbornly robust • During the quarter, the FOMC raised the Federal Funds rate by 75 basis points at each of their July...


Market Perspectives – September 2022

Powell in Charge • Equity returns for August and September are typically negative. • This year these returns are further impacted by Fed monetary tightening. • So far, Fed policy decisions have led to five rate increases this year; the last three hikes have been 75...


Market Update – September 2022

The Month At A Glance After a summer rally, both stocks and bonds fell in August US equities dropped 4% in August after having rallied more than 17% from their summer low Interest rates rose higher last month—resulting in a 2.8% loss for US core bonds Stock and bond...


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