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Can Bitcoin Be a Prudent Investment for Trusts?

There has been increased interest from individual investors in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. What about fiduciaries? Can trustees consider investing in Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies — and should they? Originally published on August 10, 2021...


New Texas Law Enhances Appeal of Dynasty Trusts

New legislation recently signed by Texas Governor Abbott could have tremendous potential for families and individuals who wish to create a long-term legacy and keep their trusts in Texas with Texans. The new law further bolsters the appeal of dynasty trusts, a proven...


How a Trust Can Protect Your Special Needs Child

Republished with permission from the Nov. 15, 2019 edition of Memphis Business Journal. BY: DAVID FRANKS, CTFA, AIF Market President, Argent Trust-Memphis Many parents' deepest hope is that their children grow up to live healthy, independent lives. But the reality is...


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