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When Estate Planning, Don’t Let Mistakes Thwart Your Wishes

Should you work with an attorney to write your will, or can you do it yourself? That depends on a number of things, including where you live. Originally published on February 21, 2023 When someone has trained and worked in a profession for many years, it...


Charitable Giving Strategies for Not-as-Wealthy Donors

High-net-worth charitable giving could decline for years because of high inflation, so charities look to highlight tax-savvy options for average investors. Originally published on February 9, 2023 Dave Smith, CEO and founder of Heaton Smith Group, writes...


Divorcing a Trustee: Do You Need a Prenuptial?

For any corporate trustee you choose, there should be some minimum requirements, and it’s best to check its reputation ahead of time to find out if its trust relationships end amicably. Originally published on December 5, 2022 There are many reasons that...


How Community Property Trusts Can Benefit Married Couples

Getting a step-up in basis when each spouse dies can be a big tax advantage, one that has not been available to those who live in common-law states. However, it may now be – through a community property trust. Originally published on September 18, 2022...


End of Life Planning Checklist

One of the most loving gifts you can give to your family is to put your affairs in order before a disaster or medical emergency. Although having your estate planning documents and letter of instruction in place will not lessen the grief the surviving spouse feels, it...


The Best Way to Protect a Parent from Scammers

Adult children worried about their parents’ ability to spot and avoid fraud have several options to help protect them, including a durable power of attorney, a guardianship and a revocable trust. Which might be best for your family? Originally published on...


How To Determine If You Need A Will

Originally published in Forbes on June 29, 2022 BY: DAVID REDDING, CTFA, AEP, CWS Austin, TX Market President, Argent Trust Company | (512) 478-3188 Estate planning is not something that anyone puts at the top of their “Fun Things to Do” list, but most can agree that...


How To Determine If You Need A Will – May 2022

Originally published in Forbes on May 25, 2022 BY: DAVID REDDING, CTFA, AEP, CWS Austin, TX Market President, Argent Trust Company | (512) 478-3188 Most people are generally familiar with what is called a will, or more formally a “Last Will and Testament.” Most people...


Should You Be Updating Your Estate Plan?

Originally published on on May 19, 2022 BY: KATHY CHRISTOFFEL, CTFA Market President, Argent Trust-Fort Worth Market (817) 502-3586 Spring is the season when we finally tackle long-overdue projects and get reorganized across our lives. For those who already...


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