Argent Mineral Management

Argent Mineral Management (AMM) exists to help our clients protect their property while maximizing wealth from their mineral assets. We provide comprehensive mineral management services, including the accounting and auditing of royalty payments.  Since 2007, we have recovered over $24 million in revenue for our clients. 

Formed in 2005 to serve clients with mineral interests, we have been very successful helping landowners protect and maximize their oil and gas assets.  We currently manage approximately 3 million acres of mineral interests across 30 states.  Our diverse staff consists of 20 employees with decades of experience in banking, forestry, landman services, and accounting.

Because of our size and reach, AMM clients also gain an unseen advantage – strength in numbers. Our lease negotiations on behalf of our clients benefit from our vast network of client landowners, which allows us a broad range of property-related information and intelligence, as well as increased leverage in negotiating with regional exploration companies, adding significant strength to each and every landowner’s portfolio.

AMM’s services for mineral (oil/gas) investments include:

  • Contract negotiations
  • Oil and gas accounting
  • Estate administration
  • Asset evaluation
  • Ongoing management

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