Our mission at Argent is to protect, manage and grow your wealth. We take our mission very seriously.

As an independent wealth management company, we deliver in-depth, personalized, unbiased service in a candid and common-sense manner. Our core service offering is professional trust management. Building from that core, Argent provides an array of related financial services, including:

  • Investment management services
  • Family office services
  • Asset custody
  • Planning
  • Mineral management (with special emphasis on client oil/gas interests)
  • Employee Stock Ownership Plans
  • Risk management
  • And others

Our approach is to understand the source of your wealth to help guide us in recommending the best strategies for you. We would love to hear from you. If you have any questions about how Argent can help protect your wealth, please call (800) 375-4646 or email ask@ArgentFinancial.com. You are also welcome to visit an Argent office.


Our history dates to 1990 when The Trust Company of Louisiana was formed. After a year as a subsidiary of a bank holding company, our management group, desiring the flexibility to work independently, bought our independence, and we remain that way today.

In 2000, after a decade of building and securing our foundation, we formed Argent Financial Group, Inc. as a holding company for our legacy trust company and for future affiliates.

In 2009, Argent purchased an independent trust company in Memphis, Tennessee to form Argent Trust Company, a Tennessee chartered trust company. The addition of a Tennessee state charter allowed us to take advantage of the progressive and advantageous Tennessee trust laws. Those favorable laws may now be utilized throughout our footprint to help clients best meet their needs.

After determining a valuable strategic fit existed, Argent completed selected mergers and acquisitions in 2013 and 2014 that substantially grew our geographic footprint and expanded our range of services, all to better serve our clients.

Key among those additions were Highland Capital Management, LLC of Memphis and The Trust Company, a San Antonio based Texas state trust company. Highland, an SEC registered investment advisor, serves as the central portfolio management group for Argent.  The Trust Company provided us with a significant presence in Texas from which to build further client relationships in that state. In late 2015, we merged our original Louisiana based trust company into The Trust Company and renamed the merged entity, Argent Trust Company.

Effective the beginning of 2016, Heritage Trust Company of Oklahoma City combined with Argent.  That transaction allowed us to combine two oil and gas management groups, Argent Property Services and Heritage Mineral Management, to form Argent Mineral Management, a unique entity focused on managing mineral interests for individuals and organizations.

Today, in our 25 offices located in 12 southern states, Argent Financial Group employs more than 240 professionals who are responsible for more than $17 billion in client assets and over 2 million mineral acres.

Our professionals have prior experience at investment management firms, banks, trust companies, brokerage firms, insurance agencies, law firms, accounting firms, and other businesses.

We continue to be a company that is privately owned by our staff, clients and avid supporters. We are well prepared to continue to serve our growing client base today, tomorrow, and in the future.

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Broad Perspective. Personal Focus. Southern Roots.

For us, everything starts with you. It always has and always will. We call that the Argent Way. We see it as our job to get to know you and to tailor an approach that will work to help you protect, manage and grow your assets. In order to give you an unbiased opinion that’s most beneficial to you, we have no proprietary products to sell.

Our agenda is you, the individual, and not a silo of products that do not fit your needs. That’s why our services are mostly fee-based. We sell the expert advice of our people and the wealth of resources we put behind them. That unbiased approach allows us to make objective decisions for you.

At the end of the day, earning your trust and establishing a long-lasting relationship is the biggest asset we have.


Argent Financial Group operates through our wholly-owned subsidiaries. We offer a wide array of wealth management services and solutions to help protect, manage and grow your financial assets. Our unique blend of professional staff experience and array of services allows us to help individual and institutional clients with needs from trust administration and portfolio management to negotiating and monitoring mineral wealth matters.

Currently, Argent has 25 offices located in 12 southern states ready to serve you and your needs.

Select a subsidiary from the list to learn more about Argent’s offerings.

Argent Trust Company

Argent Trust Company is a Tennessee state chartered trust company licensed for business across the nation. Tennessee is the premier venue for trusts in the Southeast, known over the past decade as the “Delaware of the South.” The state’s tax and trust benefits to include top-tier asset protection help maximize your long-term financial needs. Because we know protecting your wealth is important to you, we help create and manage customized plans for each of our clients. We focus on your investments now and plan ahead for your future.

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The Trust Company (A division of Argent Trust Company)

For more than a decade we’ve helped our clients make smart investment decisions, resulting in more than $1.5 billion in client assets. A Texas-based company founded on a personal service philosophy, building a meaningful relationship with you is important to us. By aligning ourselves with your best interests, we’re able to provide valuable solutions, excellent counsel, and customized plans that work for your unique needs.

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Heritage Trust Company

Heritage Trust is an independent, privately-owned trust bank that offers trust administration in addition to oil and gas management, real estate management, financial planning, and investment management. Heritage succeeds by building and maintaining relationships through proactive communication, creative and unbiased solutions, and dependable responsive service. Above all, Heritage Trust abides by the fiduciary standard-putting clients’ needs and interests first.

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Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management, LLC serves a portfolio manager overseeing more than $1.3 billion in assets under management. Since 1987, we’ve specialized in managing equity and fixed income portfolios and more recently managed ETFs for clients in private, corporate and public sectors.

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Argent Mineral Management

We manage more than 1.5 million acres of mineral interests across 22 states. Part of our service is the review of revenue receipts for our clients. Through this intensive review, we have identified and recovered more than $14 million in unpaid or underpaid royalties for our clients since 2007. We help our clients protect their property while extracting wealth from their mineral assets.

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Argent Advisors

Argent Advisors is a registered investment advisory firm focused on serving individual clients. We provide diversified financial services related to financial planning and investment management. Our goal is to create and implement personalized plans that meet the unique needs of our clients.

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Argent Fiduciary Consulting Services

In addition to providing support services to all Argent entities, we work with other federal and state chartered fiduciary institutions to achieve compliance with the regulations, requirements and best practices of the fiduciary services industry. From auditing and regulatory compliance to risk management, we provide a full array of services to our clients, including the capability to train your staff to achieve these results in house.

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Argent Family Wealth Services

Providing for the long-term financial needs of your family or organization means paying careful attention to your investments now and creating an investment management plan that survives you. At Argent Family Wealth, designing and administering such plans is the primary focus of our professional staff.

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Argent Timberland Group

Timberland can provide investors with competitive returns and capital preservation in a sustainable real asset. Argent Timberland Group is an investment management firm which assists clients in achieving this goal.

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