At Argent, we proudly serve individuals, institutions, private and government pension funds, hospitals, endowments and foundations. With our trusted advisors backed by our wealth of resources, we are able to offer a full line of corporate trust, custodial, investment management, and oil and gas management services for political subdivisions and institutional clients.

When you choose Argent, our advisors will sit down with you to discover what you need. You will find our staff to be knowledgeable of every aspect of your account, up-to-date on all operating procedures and, if you ever have a question or concern, we’re always available to assist.

We understand that you rely on the knowledge and experience of our advisors. It’s something that we take very seriously. For that reason, we work to earn your trust by staying current in all operating and technical procedures necessary to best serve you.

“When we talk about a wealth of resources, what we really are talking about is our people. If a client has a unique issue that an advisor needs help with, all they have to do is reach out within our own network. Chances are we have an expert with the right solution.”

Investment Services

Argent individualizes funds management to meet the unique needs of each city, school board and parish government. Utilizing a specialized approach, we tailor portfolios with safety top of mind.

Our experts work with your staff to maintain compliance with your investment policy and state statute for public funds investments. We review your investment policy statement if you have one and assist in establishing one if you don’t.

We’ll determine which funds to invest while maintaining your cash needs. Those investments are diversified to mature periodically, providing liquidity for unforeseen expenses. All government securities can be sold within 24 hours with funds available the same day when notified before 10 a.m. Using existing compliant money market funds, we’ll seamlessly sweep monies from the investment portfolio to your money market account.

To find the best offering for you, we poll numerous banks and brokers. We purchase only direct obligations of the U.S. Treasury and U.S. Government Agencies, high rated municipal bonds, and FDIC Insured Certificates of Deposit from community banks for public bodies.

Oil & Gas Management

When entering into any oil and gas exploration or production contracts, political subdivisions in your state are subject to the rules and regulations set forth by some form of State Mineral Board. Relying on Argent’s decades of experience in the oil and gas industry and extensive experience working with State Mineral Boards will save a political subdivision both time and money.

Mineral Inventory: A complete and accurate inventory of property and mineral interests is essential for political subdivisions to manage their interests properly. Argent develops a comprehensive inventory of mineral interests along with detailed reports that include production status and production history, which greatly aid in the management of property.

Specialized Accounting: Argent uses a state-of-the-art accounting and audit system that verifies interest decimals and conducts monthly payor audits to ensure timely and accurate payment. Argent also provides specialized 1099 verification and summary reports that greatly simplify tax reporting and preparation.

Division Order Analysis: Companies that distribute revenue to royalty owners issue division orders prior to payment. Argent analyzes and verifies all division orders to ensure accurate payment for our clients.

Argent offers a comprehensive suite of Corporate trust services – from indentured trustee to registrar and paying agent and more.  Corporate Trust Services we provide for political subdivisions include:

  • Bond registrar and paying agent services
  • Escrow agent service for debt refunding
  • Indentured trustee services
  • Comprehensive GASB 45 Solutions

Auditing & Risk Management

Using our extensive experience in the financial services industry, Argent works to assist our clients to achieve compliance with the numerous regulations, requirements and best practices applicable to the fiduciary services playing field. With expertise and experience in trust and investment services, we provide auditing, compliance and risk management services to federal and state chartered fiduciary institutions throughout the country. Our experts either provide the above mentioned services and/or work with your compliance or internal audit staff to augment their talents and expertise in order to achieve the necessary level of compliance.

Financial institutions rely on Argent to conduct and/or assist with fiduciary auditing, fiduciary compliance, preemptive regulatory review, risk management projects, and operational systems training and conversions.

Other Services

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